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Choosing the right essay topic is a step in the right direction when it comes to essay prose. Essay prose involves the use of well constructed sentences that have a logical meaning to pass across a certain message or information. Normally, essay topics are chosen depending on the type of essay you are plotting to write.

But, all essays normally have a basic plot consisting of the topic, the thesis statement, the body and the conclusion. When choosing a topic for an essay, the writer has to be sure that they have enough information to make this essay. For example, it is not wise to write an argumentative essay on a topic like rocket science if you do not have enough factual information to base your theories and arguments on.

Choosing the right essay is therefore very crucial. The type of topic you choose will depend on the purpose why you are prose the essay in the first place. If the essay is for general interest, it will have a different topic and language as compared to an academic essay.

There are numerous things that you will need to consider when choosing a topic. If for example you are prose an essay for college, you may have to tone down your language and therefore avoid life so outspoken. You will need a topic that is most suitable for an academic setting.

One of the major things you will need to consider when choosing your topic is the target audience. Make the topic appealing to your audience by discussing with a sample group of the audience to find out what their general opinion of the topic is. If for example you are a college student and your topic targets young people, find time to question your peers what their take is on the topic.

Try and narrow down the topics unfilled to you by listing down what you consider their extremities. The topic should but not be one that is so controversial unless you have carried out intensive research on the theme and you are sure of the facts you have.

Once you have generated a topic; research on it. When you have carried out enough research you become more confident when prose your essay. When you work with a half baked kind of research, you are leap to take more time going back to refer on facts instead of building on your argument.

The internet is the best place to involve out any kind of research in view of the fact that there is a variety of essays that have already been on paper on the topic that you have chosen. Perusing owing to these articles will help you get the most favorable angle you can take to make your essay fascinating and at the same time make it communicates.

Although it is valuable to go owing to the works done by other writers to get the best angle for your article, it is valuable to include your own thoughts into the essay. Putting your own element allows you to get creative with the essay and give it a human face. Otherwise, you will not delight in prose the article. You will appear as if you are only reporting the information you collected during your research.

Serious one this, and possibly controversial, but it’s my opinion and I feel pretty strongly about what I say. I’m not a bigot, it’s not a religious argument for me, and I’m open to discussion in view of the fact that to be honest I have some conflicting feelings about the issues-I sometimes wish I could see life more black and white! The Dr Who episode ‘New Earth’ is fascinating (and fun-entertainment that also makes you reckon!). I’m sure Star Trek fans would be able to pick out episodes of that which deal with these issues owing to science fiction too. Some links connected to the topics I mention, they are huge topics and once again, 10 minutes cannot be enough to discuss them fully. I just hoped to get the seeds of my concerns across and open it up for discussion. I didn’t get my opinions or thoughts from wikipedia by the way, I’m just using it as a reference for reminders and perhaps as a starting point for any viewers who may want to delve a small deeper-there are many medical ethics books and papers that deal more deeply with the topics. The wonders of modern medical science, how far is too far? and keep looking deeper! Abortion and where does human life commence? just a few scrapings off the internet! All I want is for people to really consider and reckon about the

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