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Essays and Research Papers on Computers

Computer essays and research papers are common and well loved topics given to students. Students may be questioned to write a technical computer research paper or an essays on a computer correlated topic. In order to write a technical computer research paper students will need to have comprehensive knowledge about computer applications and programs. But, prose an essay on a computer correlated topic could simply require the internet to write the computer correlated essay or term paper optimally.

Following is an example of a computer correlated research essay.

Computers in the Classroom

Computers are becoming an integral and inseparable aspect of human lives, especially in classroom education. The use and employment of computers has made education not only more fascinating to learners, but had also opened up completely novel perspectives in education. Computers have fantastic potential in the field of education and are life integrated into classrooms to augment and amplify the learning and teaching processes. The importance and benefits of using computers in classroom education has been confirmed researchers who affirm using them facilitates the teaching process and the learning process with the help of various tools unfilled to all involved in the process of education (Angeli, 2008).
This paper aims to analyse the importance and benefits of using computers in the classroom to aid and enhance the education process of learners as well as teachers.

Researchers affirm the benefits of educational utility of computers in classrooms primarily due to their potential to facilitate collaborative learning environments (Crook, 1996; Littleton & Light, 1999). Computers have the capacity to transform learning environments which are traditional into virtual ones, thereby improving the potential of students to study and learn in a virtual world with the aid of technological program such as “Committed Worlds and Web Knowledge Forum” (Angeli, 2008). Classrooms can be transformed into collaborative settings with students sharing crucial knowledge with each other, with the help of teachers who have the extra advantage of enabling positive relationships between the psychological learning processes which occur in students and the environmental and material artefacts which they can work with owing to the medium of computers…

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Dr. Roya Ayman with Dr. Afnani Current * Director of the I/O Division at Institute of Psychology, IIT * Director at Illinois Institute of Technology, Institute of Psychology, I/O program * Professor at Illinois Institute of Technology see less… Past * Content Practiced Consultant at 21st Century Learning Solutions, Inc. * Professor- Center for Certified Development at Illinois Institute of Technology * Senior Practiced Consultant in Diversity Training Design at Hub H Group see less… Education * University of Utah Roya Ayman’s Summary . Published and open paper on topics such as Leadership effectiveness, gender and leadership, diversity and leadership, cross-cultural research on leadership, Work family conflict and organizational climate. . Designed and conducted leadership development programs, training skill correlated areas such as management skills, presentation skills, facilitation skills, leading in diverse work place. . Designed training in cross-cultural interaction, women and men communication in organization, gender and leadership, Diversity and inclusion . Managed multiple projects and worked with virtual teams . Coach managers and executives Roya Ayman’s Specialties: Training, mentoring, & coaching, Change management, Organizational assessment at both Public sector (eg, fire service & higher education) – Private sector(eg, IT, Manufacturing, sales, communication, corporate headquarters, CEO) Recent publications -Ayman, R. & Korabik, K. (2010
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